Mint lemonade – non-alcoholic “Mojito”
8 cups of water (you can use carbonated)
1/4-1/2 cup freshly squeezed lemon juice
1 lime
1/4 tbsp stevia extract (adjust sweetness to taste)
50 g fresh mint
How to cook: pour water into a jug, add lemon juice and stevia. Stir until completely dissolved. Cut the lime into slices, rinse the mint and send it all into a jug. To make the taste more intense, crush mint and a few lime slices in a mortar or just remember with a knife so that they let the juice flow.
If you have granulated stevia, then it should be dissolved in half a glass of warm water, and then added to lemonade.
That’s all, you’ve got homemade Mojito lemonade, which helps to speed up the metabolism. Optionally, you can add ice cubes or frozen berries – they will give their flavor to the lemonade.